Here it is day #2 of my retirement and what did I do all morning?  Work, that’s what.  Almost have the bookkeeping for the year complete so I can turn it over to my now ex-business partner and not have to worry about it again.

So why am I doing this blog?  What’s the motivation behind it?  A few weeks back I thought it would be a good idea to let people know what I was doing, not for my ego but to share my interests so other ‘retirees’ or ‘soon to be retirees’ or those with ‘time for activities other than work’ can see that there’s life after your professional life ends.  There’s lots to do out there, and as our financial planner states from research conducted for his new book, to be a happy, fulfilled retiree you need 3-4 outside activities.  I don’t feel that’s going to be a problem for me!  Here’s the unsolicited plug for the Wes Moss book You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think; buy it!  Of course Wes goes into his investment strategies but more importantly he outlines the items that make for a happy retirement…it’s really a very good book that makes a lot of sense.  So I’ll share what I’m doing and hopefully you’ll share what you’re doing and we can all stay busy and have fulfilled lives.

Enough of that and on to Day #2; had lunch at a newish restaurant that Atlanta Magazine says is one of the best new restaurants in 2014; The General Muir.  Basically it’s an upscale deli that has a vibrant vibe, traditional and funky menu items, an excellent bakery and a full bar.  We had an excellent meal.  Roger and Eve reviewed The General in their excellent blog (Friday Date Night) stating  “The bottom line on the General Muir: If you are anywhere near Emory, run, don’t walk to this restaurant. And save room for dessert”.  For a more in-depth review see their blog reviewing The General.



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