That's Margaret with her new friend Greg Lemond!
That’s Margaret with her new friend Greg Lemond!

As some of you may know my wife and I love going to the movies.  And many of you have read her ‘mini movie’ reviews on Facebook.  Following are three recent reviews with my comments following….

Mini Movie Review: Into the Woods – The biggest surprise of this movie is…..Meryl Streep can SING! Beautifully. A fun movie with a sweet story. It is a musical with fabulous lyrics (thanks Stephen Sondheim). And, it includes many of your Fairy Tale faves: Little Red Riding Hood, BB Wolf, Jack/Beanstalk, Cinderella, Rapunzel and a couple others that are less known. There are quite a few laughs and wonderful singing. Being that’s it’s Sondheim, there’s no guarantee of “happily ever after”. But the trip getting there is great. Grade = B+  Peter says; Great acting, music, lyrics, visuals….but too long.  I was bored about two-thirds of the way through.  That said, if you plan on seeing it do so on a big screen.

Mini Movie Review: Foxcatcher – This movie is…..hard to watch, but excellent. Put this one in category of movies that make you squirm. Not in the true “horror” sense, but in the “this is making me uncomfortable” sort of way. True story of John DuPont (one of richest families in US) who is a “wanna be”. He wants the love of his mother, his country, and most of all the love and accolades that comes with being affiliated with champions. He will use his $$$$ and intimidation to have it all. Steve Carrell is virtually unrecognizable, and definitely not a comic in this. Grade = B+  Peter says; Wow, this was one screwed up rich guy.  Money doesn’t always buy happiness or friends.  Steve Carrell is excellent as are the others.  Not a film one needs to view on the big screen….although I usually prefer to.

Mini Movie Review: The Imitation Game – If you are a math genius, you will certainly enjoy this one. Those of us who are……not(!)…. will too! A young man is assigned to help break the code the Germans are using for WWII warfare. Against all orders and wishes of those in command, he perseveres to find just the right configuration – via “machine” which is the birth of the computer. Exciting, suspenseful, sweet and sometimes sad. This is one of the year’s best. IMHO. Grade = A  Peter says; This movie is a solid “A”….excellent true story and outstanding performances.  It’s not just about the code breakers….it’s about a tortured soul who happens to also be a genius.  See it!


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