As you hopefully read on the opening page of this bog today is DAY NUMERO UNO of my retirement.  I’m a baby to retirement, a virgin.  So whether you’ve been retired for years or are as new to retirement as me lets share this experience.  So here’s my first day….

Normally I loath the first day of the year.  I stay up late new year’s eve, don’t sleep enough so feel grouchy all day, hate to be with too many people, feel crappy because in a day or two the work year starts all over again.  But today’s different (although I did stay up late, didn’t sleep enough, etc…) but I don’t have to start the new work year….wow, now that’s exciting.  So what did I do today; my favorite activity….a bike ride.  The morning was cold (and I was cranky) so I waited until the afternoon when the temps warmed up to a brisk 48 degrees.  Got in a solo 30 mile ride from home…felt great.  Met a couple other cyclists, pushed myself…great way to start the year.  And now this, a blog….so tell me, what did you do the first day of the year? IMG_0549





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2 thoughts on “January 1, 2015….the start of a new life!

  1. Peter;

    Congratulations. Glad to hear you are in a position to do the constructive things you want to do with the time that you will have.

    Thanks for all your assistance in the efforts you put forth while you were EMPLOYED to elevate the recognition for my work. I will always be grateful for your help.

    I will keep in touch and you do the same.

    John Fronza


  2. Peter, welcome to the retiree world. It can be great if you make it so.
    Certainly, let’s share our experiences and help each other live a fulfilled life.
    Looking forward to seeing more of you.
    Wishing you and Margaret the best years yet to come…


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