Here it is, the first day of the year 2015….Happy New Year.  But wait, it’s not just the first day of the year, it’s the first day of my retirement.  That’s seems a bit underwhelming….did you hear me; IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF MY RETIREMENT!!!!!   Yep, 35 years working in the same industry!  Thirty-two years owning my own businesses.  That’s 32 years of being the boss…sure, the buck stopped with me for all those years but I also swept the floors, took out the garbage and worked all those hours when someone called in sick.  Did I make a fortune?  No, but I answered only to me, and that’s worth a lot….yes, A LOT!  But now all that’s behind me and this blog IS NOT about those 35 years….it’s about the enrichment of the years to come….living those years to the max, dammit!  So join me on this next adventure.  We’re older, wiser, experienced…but we’re still learning and experiencing new things so lets make the most of it.  Share what you know…share your experiences….share your life with others so we can all be enriched.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Peter

    It’s great to hear you’ve crossed over to being a bum like me. I can tell you I’m enjoying my second childhood immensely; it’s all about laughter
    Your blog is a great idea. I was trying to think of a catchy title for it like ‘Blowing Leaves’ ‘Falling Leaves’ etc but sorta fell flat
    Seeing you on the bike someplace in the world



  2. Peter, Knowing you, you will be busier than ever and the bike will be central to all you do. Undoubtedly being older than everyone else yet still able to hold the wheels of the yung ‘uns and, from time to time, drop the unprepared, flatters our inner vanity. However, as I am no psychoanalyst, I will just accept that if this somewhat masochistic passtime that gives us health, friendships, self-assurance, and a chance to behold the beauty of the world on a daily basis is a result of superficial vanity, then I’ll take it. Sempre forte!


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