Our friends Eve and Roger have a great blog called Friday Date Night.  They started the blog (see ABOUT below), that reviews local restaurants, when they found themselves dining out every Friday night as their weekly ‘date night’….what a great way to keep the relationship with your significant other fresh!  They’ve been writing the blog since 2011 and it is now the  #7 Ranked Blog on Urbanspoon….what a great accomplishment in so little time.  But once you start reading their reviews you understand why…they have a straight forward, common sense approach to critiquing restaurants….these are reviews for folks like you and I who want the bottom line as to the quality, service and value of a restaurant.  There have been many times when Margaret and I have taken their recommendations never to be disappointed.  And there have been times when we’ve decided against trying a restaurant because Roger and Eve have already done so to negative reviews (thanks for saving us the time and $$).

So check out their blog and if it serves you as well as it has us Follow it….it just may  steer you toward some great new eats or save you some hard won dollars from visiting restaurants not worthy of your time.



What happens when two people who like to eat out (and take pictures of their food) start a food blog? We go out to dinner every Friday as a standing date night. Fridays are great for eating out…everyone wants to celebrate the end of the work week and we have found that restaurants tend to have a festive buzz about them on Friday nights. Sometimes we go out on other nights and occasionally we will go to a restaurant media event or go on a lunch date. We have been blogging about our experience since June, 2011.

Who are we? We are a couple of television directors who have been married for 30+ years. We hate sitting in traffic on Fridays and would much rather have a nice beer and a meal instead of stressing out in Atlanta bumper-to-bumper. We live in Marietta, but as you will see, that doesn’t stop us from sampling restaurants from all over the ATL. Our only rule is that we try to go to a different place every week. You will enjoy our culinary adventures throughout the city.

For feedback or to get in touch with us, our e-mail is strauss@mindspring.com.

Our social media is:
Twitter: @FridayDateNight
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datenightfriday

We hope you enjoy the blog, and let us hear from you.


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