Once again Margaret’s fingers were typing away to review the two movies we viewed this past weekend; one at the theater, one on DVD.  My comments follow each….

Mini Movie Review: American Sniper – yes, I’m late on this one. Many of you have seen it and I’m sure have heard all the bruhaha about it. I am not getting into that. As a movie, I thought it was extremely well made and well acted. Intense? YES! Humorous? YES Sad? YES True? Mostly. I cannot imagine being in a war and keeping it together like these young men did. God bless them and ALL soldiers who put themselves in harms way – whether we agree or not with wars, someone has to fight them. Thank a vet when you see one. Grade = B+  Peter’s comments; this movie stays with you well after you leave the theater.  Very intense, very real.  Clint Eastwood has crafted an excellent movie…the direction seems effortless.  As with his last couple films, I never felt I was watching a Clint Eastwood movie.  Whether you support the efforts of politicians that decide on what wars to fight, or abhor them, see this movie to understand what those decisions mean for those who are put into battle.

Mini Movie Review: DVD rental. Lucy w/Scarlett Johannsen/Morgan Freeman – This is a SciFi movie – which is NOT my preferred genre. I really, really liked this one. ScarJo is a woman who innocently is forced into the world of drugs, violence and much more. She has to use her wits to survive. Her brain is enhanced, but I won’t give away how. She is terrific as a terrified young woman who will do what she has to in order to survive. Check this one out even if you don’t like SciFi – it’s worth the rental fee. Grade = B (warning: extreme violence)  Peter’s comments; pure fun!  This is a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s just non-stop science fiction fun that makes you think.  Yes there’s a background of extreme violence (so extreme to be almost comical), but the premise is thought provoking.  Amongst the shooting and blowing up the storyline brings to mind one’s mortality, the earth, the solar system, evolution, infinite space and our place as humans in it.  It stuck with me….


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