The end of the year and beginning of the new bring lots of movies to review.  Our tastes are fairly particular as one can see from the movies we post.  Fantasy, science fiction, shoot-em-and-blow-em-up are not our cup of tea but they may be yours.  If so write a review and I’ll be glad to post….everyone likes something different.  That said, here’s Margaret’s most recent Mini Movie Review;

Inherent Vice – Fact: Sunday the theater parking lot was FULL – our theater had 8 people. Get my drift? This movie is fun (sort of) and definitely quirky. Great depiction of the ’70s – words like groovy, righteous, right on, and lots of pot smoking. There actually is little plot, but Joaquin Phoenix makes his pot smoking PI a fun watch. Josh Brolin is terrific as his foil. There are lots of sexual “situations” and nudity. Oh, and a couple of “guest appearances.” This MMR doesn’t say much, does it? For most of you, I’d say skip it, but if you like quirky, edgy and fun at least rent it when available. Our Grade = B  Won’t guess what your grade will be. ; ) (note: movie runs 2.5 hours, should have been 2)  Peter says; Inherent Vice is a quirky movie with little plot but some great characters.  Definitely not for everyone.  The acting was excellent.  The period (1970’s) was spot on….if you grew up during that time you’ll appreciate the music, clothes, dialog and set design…..really well done.




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