Not the song…..the mag!

For the first many years of our married life I did the majority of the family cooking.  My wife, Margaret, just wasn’t into it.  We were both working and playing full time and she found the addition of cooking to be more of a burden than something enjoyable.  I, on the other hand, never minded going into the kitchen, scrounging in the fridge and cabinets for a combination of ingredients that seemed to go together well….sometimes I even used a recipe!  So five and a half years ago Margaret retires after 30 years in the work force and finds she has more time, along with a modicum of guilt because I was still working full time,  and decides to take over the preparation of meals.  The first couple years it still seemed to be a burden more than a joy but she persevered and maybe, just maybe, started to enjoy cooking.  I’d hear her on the phone with my sister (an excellent cook who really enjoys cooking) asking advice that any novice ‘chef’ seeks.  She started to expand her repertoire, trying new and exciting recipes that I always enjoyed.  I was just so proud of her for tackling something she never really relished.

So last night I’m awakened out of a deep slumber  to the sound of Margaret’s excited voice on the phone with my sister.  After shaking out the cobwebs and confirming I was wasn’t dreaming, what I deciphered from her excited conversation was that she wasn’t only a more confident cook, she was able to prove it to the nation from her letter to the editor in People Magazine, proof that she had “made it’.  See for yourself……

IMG_0565 IMG_0566


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