Yesterday morning I surprised Margaret saying I wanted to see the movie Unbroken, a movie I knew she wasn’t interested in seeing.  It has been a rainy, dreary week and we’ve seen all our ‘must see’ films.  So in a moment of weakness she agreed.  Even though the critics have not been kind to Unbroken I wanted to see it, if nothing else because I’d read the book and found it fascinating.  So following is her review with my comments following.  And be sure to read her review of Whiplash, a ‘small’ (low budget) film not to be missed!

Mini Movie Review: Unbroken – I put this one off for several weeks based on (negative) reviews and comments. I can honestly say……I liked it. Based on true story (Louie Zamperini) it takes us through a brief synopsis of his life before war. After a grueling time spent on a life boat adrift at sea, the main focus is the bad and very ugly of war, specifically Japanese POW camps. It’s amazing men survived the torture, the horrid conditions and much worse.(I had to look away a few times)This man’s fortitude is truly admirable and would not be believable except we know he was a real person and true hero. Grade = B  Peter says; I totally agree with her review.  My only criticism is that the movie was a bit too ‘Hollywood” or over produced.  Angelina Jolie knows how to craft a film but it’s a bit sterile, too slick.  Wanted to see some warts and all.

Another Mini Movie Review of Whiplash from Margaret:  “So excited this movie got two Oscar nods today – including Best Picture. Seek it out – you won’t be disappointed”.

Mini Movie Review: Whiplash – just WOW!! This is a very small Independent movie – maybe not at your local theater, but trust me, seek this one out. Teenage drummer wants to play with the “big boys” at music conservatory. Only thing standing in his way is one heck of an SOB teacher/conductor. Many ups, downs and drama. Acting terrific. Grade = solid A. Here’s IMBD to speak for me…..    Peter adds; JK Simmons just deservedly won a best supporting actor award at the Golden Globes.  Hopefully this will give the film a wider audience.



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