What, you may ask, does ‘180 Days’ refer to? Simple; that’s exactly the number of days since my last blog post. That’s down right disgraceful. Was it writers block? lack of inspiration? busy schedule? laziness? illness? alignment of the stars (or misalignment)? a combination of all these things? Well, that’s a possibility, although it’s more likely that my soul didn’t need the practice of writing, and then it did and then I couldn’t get inspired. This cold, dreary winter day pushed me over the edge and I just need to do this, even if no one is listening. Makes me feel like I’m in an old sci-fi movie where most of the people of earth are wiped out by an asteroid, or the Blob, and one lone teenage girl is at her daddy’s ham radio talking to whoever may be listening; ‘if you can hear me it means that you’re not alone on this ruined planet’….

Then there’s the problem of what to write about. There’s so many important issues weighing on all of us these days; who’s a contender for the Oscars? will Atlanta survive the Superbowl? heck, what if we have a winter storm? is it true Kendall Jenner may be served a subpoena concerning the Fyre Festival (look it up)? is it true Trump believes global warming is good in combating the sub-freezing temperatures plaguing two-thirds of the nation (he tweeted it, it must be true!)? will Joe Biden put his hat in the ring to run in 2020? will Nancy Pelosi let him? does anybody care? speaking of Nancy, will she and the dems give Trump his wall to avoid another government shutdown? two and a half weeks and counting….

As you can see, there are many important issues today; so many more than just 180 days ago when life was so much simpler. All we had to worry about then was Mueller and his witch hunt….right?!?  But where to go from here? Promise myself (and the one other person out there reading this) that I’ll write every day? every other day? once a week? Is it really smart to make promises you won’t/can’t/doubt you’ll meet? No, it’s not, but sometimes that’s just what you need to do, sorta like fake motivation, right!  January is the month that you wait; for good weather, for the year to kick off, for the Super Bowl to be over so you can get through the Academy Awards and in no time spring is here, the time changes, the days are longer and the winter blues is a dim memory of another time. Yep, all of that!

Maybe ‘down time’ is good. Spring through autumn it’s just full on with activities. Maybe the body and mind need this down time. If every day was Christmas it wouldn’t be special.  The coming year will bring plenty of adventure and plenty of the same (which is fulfilling).  I reconnected with an old business associate this week. Haven’t spoken to him in about twenty years. Told him I had sold my businesses, retired from the working life. Told him life was full and he was surprised by all we do. But the truth is we can’t be busy 24/7…if we were it would be like Christmas every day, and who’d want that except an eight year old.  So I’ll make the most of this down time…..I’ll recharge the batteries, rest the body, exercise the mind and maybe spend more time reading and less worrying about having the time to read.  That’s all good, but I still agonize over this Kendall Jenner thing….I mean really, look it up!


4 thoughts on “180 Days

  1. Count 1 who’s out here reading what you write. The world is too overwhelming to comment! So i understand 180 silent days.


  2. Count 2 people who are out here reading your blog. You are loved and adored by me; your lazy friend that hides in her bubble but keeps up with you by reading this bog. Well said, well written and I didn’t even have to look up Kendall Jenner!


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