FreeWheeling logo copy 2Wow….just checked the date of my last blog post….I’ve been slacking!

Not really.  I’ve been working on my new website for the past couple months and I just launched it.  The website is called, a forum for independent travelers.  On the site I post travel stories from around the globe, include a great reading list of travel related books, a page of travel resources that are tested and proven, plus a primer on how to get started on your own independent travels.

What I like best on the website are the travel stories, and the first featured story (if I may say so myself) is outstanding.  The author, Megan Sullivan, titled her story After Being Diagnosed With Cancer, I Traveled to the 7 Wonders of the World In 13megan Days.  Hers is a great story with a fantastic accompanying video….please check it out HERE.

Megan embodies the very essence of FreeWheeling Travel; she works hard in order to have the time and money to create her own incredible adventures.  While not all of us are willing to live on that edge, Megan’s life story may help you find your own ‘edge’.

In addition to Megan’s story there are several

others from travelers who have created their own adventures; Rich Wolf travels to Africa and Southeast Asia, Roger Strauss searches for the best beer in Dublin while Ron Feinberg describes his tour of Prague’s Jewish Quarter.

Have a story you’d like to share?  A great photo from your latest trip?  A favorite travel book or guide or a stunning photo from your travels?

I’d love to include it on the website.  Click HERE to connect….everything will be considered.  As David Foley writes in Ashes to Ashes;

why we travel – to witness the ‘unreal’, to take in the extraordinary ordinariness of a way of life we could never have imagined ”.

FreeWheeling logo copy 2





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