Here are two Mini-Movie Reviews from movie critic Margaret McDaniel with my comments following….your comments are welcome too!

Mini Movie Review: “Spotlight” – Michael Keaton/Mark Ruffalo – True account of how a very small group of Boston Globe reporters exposed the Catholic Church of hiding and allowing priest’s “wrongdoing” for years. Some folks don’t like the subject matter. Do NOT let that keep you away. The real story is the journalist’s tenacity and bravery and MONTHS of digging to get the story out there. It’s literally a “thriller” b/c you are on the edge of your seat hoping they persevere. (And don’t get “scooped”!) Gives one a new level of respect for newspapers’ “in depth” stories. Grade = Solid A                                      Peter saysCould not agree more. Would like to add; this film proves there’s an audience for intelligent, adult movies.  Perhaps Spotlight won’t earn huge dollars from the box office but it also didn’t cost  huge dollars to make.  It’s simply an excellent story, well acted and directed and is a real eye opener.  *Please see what a friend wrote about Spotlight at the end of this blog.  He retired from journalism after a 45 year career.

Mini Movie Review: “Brooklyn” – starring….no one you’d know.
Oh what a lovely film. Story of a wee Irish lass who in the 1950’s travels alone from Ireland by ship to the US to make a better life for herself. You will laugh, you will smile and yes, you will cry. If you yearn for a little nostalgia and a sweet story, seek this one out. I can almost guarantee you will walk away asking…..”why don’t they don’t make movies like this anymore?” Sweet! See this one and bring a Kleenex or two. ; ) Grade = A            Peter says; that ‘wee lasses’ name is Saoirse Ronan;  I believe she’s an actress we’ll  see often in the years to come.  Saoirse has the ability to convey more emotion with her eyes  than most actors are able with a page full of dialog.  She’s amazing!  Her understated and nuanced performance slowly crawls its way into your consciousness and remains there well after you’ve left the movie theater.  This is a wonderful period piece, not at all a ‘chick flick’.  Go see it!images


*”I retired from the AJC over six years ago and occasionally someone will ask me if I miss the work. My stock answer is that I miss the people but, no, not the job. I just went to see “Spotlight” and was reminded what it felt like to be in a newsroom when we were all working together on a really important story. And at least for a couple of hours I wished I was back in my little cubicle helping pull together the news of the day. If you ever set foot in a newsroom I’m thinking you’ll enjoy “Spotlight”. It’s easily the best film I’ve seen this year”.

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