Margaret’s Mini Movie Reviews with my comments following each:

Inside Out – Disney/Pixar I loved this movie!! What goes on in an 11 year old’s brain? Sit back and find out! Sweet, clever, fun, colorful and very smart. Not just for the kids – in fact there’s lots here that younger kids won’t “get” but adults will. Makes you think about how our emotions work and affect our daily lives. Very clever concept and execution. Put this one on your list! Grade = A (almost A+)    Peter says; this really is a very clever movie.  The premise is intelligent, creative and thought provoking.  If only we had control of all the little voices in our brains.  I agree there’s much in this film kids won’t get now, but the essence of the film may reappear later in life.  My problem is it’s still a cartoon.  WhiThe_Triplets_of_Bellevillele I have nothing against cartoons even the best leave me feeling I’m watching a kids show….just a problem I have, no slight to this movie.  The only animated film I am truly able to embrace is the Triplets Of Belleville.  Click here for a sample why…

Jurassic World – Yes, I saw it! Disclaimer: I love Chris Pratt. Fun, somewhat exciting, over the top, ridiculous (at least the part where the one female runs around in high heels the entire movie! WHAT??) and very violent. Good popcorn movie but I wouldn’t suggest taking kids under about 13. Very violent and many more deaths than the others.          Grade = C     Peter says; That’s Opie’s little girl running around in high heels…give her a break!  But seriously, this movie has no subtlety at all…no build up.  In the original jiggling jello caused terror, leaving to the imagination what was to come.  This iteration is in-your-face violence just for the sake of the violence.  Rent the original, pop some popcorn and enjoy an evening at home….don’t waste your money on this lame attempt to entertain.   

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl – Not heard of it? Seek it out. Wonderful film about 3 teens who are not “TV smart alecky” – but very wise. Has some clever touches – especially for movie lovers – and a very sweet story. You’ll laugh, your heart will swell, you may even cry. Grade = A     Peter says; M and I are in agreement on this film.  I was expecting The Fault In Our Stars (a movie I didn’t see but a book I unfortunately read; over sentimentalized Lifetime Network crap [sorry to those who liked it]).  In Me, Earl…the  performances are natural as is the dialog.  The actors talk and act like real people talk and act, which may make some uncomfortable if you expect the usual TV or Hollywood movie dialog.  The reference to ‘movie lovers’ M makes is spot on…a very clever homage to the great movies of the past forty years (trust us, you’ll understand when you see it). 

Magic Mike XXL – Note: Peter did NOT go w/me to see this one. Most of you (women) will probably disagree with me here. If you like a lot of guy bonding/cussing/posing, oh and grinding on women, this is for you. I personally like movie (simulated) sex to be sexy and to me, this wasn’t. At all. Channing Tatum/Joe Manganiello are definitely well built guys, but IMHO the best looking of the group is Matt Bomer, who is an out gay man. Go figure. Wondering……used to be, you could not touch the dancers, nor could they do things to the patrons these guys do, guess times definitely have changed – or I’m just old and out of touch! ; ) Grade (for me) = D    Peter says; didn’t see it, no desire to see it, told Margaret she wouldn’t like it considering how much she disliked the original…don’t want to say ‘told you so’ but…


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