Following are two mini-movie reviews from Margaret “Ebert” McDaniel.  My comments follow each;

Mini Movie Review: Clouds of Sils Maria – Juliette Binoche/Kristen Stewart – limited release, more limited audience. “Sort of” same story as “All About Eve”, but yet different enough. Way more serious. And who knew KS could actually act?! Slow moving, but worth your time – if you like good acting and beautiful scenery.
Grade = B                                                                                                                                                                         Take a look….

I liked this movie a bit more than Margaret.  It was slow moving but a very interesting character study.  Lots of loose ends which leave you thinking.  If you like tidy endings this is not for you.  And I agree with Margaret; I’ve never thought Kristen Stewart was much of an actor but in this movie her lack of acting style works.

Mini Movie Review: Far From the Madding Crowd – Carey Mulligan and some handsome men. Gorgeously filmed – no CGI (according to director) – young woman runs a large farm on her own with a firm hand and “I don’t need a man” to help me. And honestly, she doesn’t. Her troubles come when she lets her guard down. I really liked this one – for the sheer beauty and story. Peter was somewhat bored – thought too much of a “chick flick” vibe. I do prefer the 1967 version with a luminous Julie Christie.
Grade = B, Peter = C-

I was bored…fairly predictable and somewhat overproduced.  I was going to give my usual review for this type of movie (bring a good book…you may be bored), but perhaps I was just too tired, needing more action to keep those late afternoon heavy eyes from closing.



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