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Click!  Krog Street Market; Old Fourth Ward.  This is a great place if you live in the Atlanta area (sorry Chicago friends). If you live in the ‘burbs’ and are in need of a good reason to venture inside the perimeter (ITP) here it is.  Krog Street Market (KSM) in the Old Fourth Ward (a popular in-town gentrifying area) is adjacent to long time restaurant Rathbun’s.  KSM is “designed to be as authentic as the 1920’s warehouse it’s built into. With market stalls to sell produce, goods, and prepared food, along with a few southern-grown restaurants and retailers, the market will offer Atlantans a gathering place of sorts – a locale for taking in an extraordinary meal or picking up a few inspiring ingredients – a west coast-style market, right in the heart of Inman Park”.  Margaret and I met our niece Jane and husband Stephen for lunch at the market a couple weeks back.  They had moved to the area a few months prior and were only a five minute walk from KSM.  They love to walk over for coffee weekend mornings or evenings for a draft at Hop City Store and Bar, a “top rated retailer of craft beer in Georgia and Alabama”.    We all had lunch at one of the food court restaurants, Yalla (loved it!), and sat at one of the many communal tables among the weekday lunch crowd.   We can’t wait to go back!

Click!  I love podcasts; they’re free, there are an incredible variety available, you can listen on your schedule and you just may learn something.  A new podcast I have fallen in love with is Invisibilia“Launching in January 2015, Invisibilia (Latin for “all the invisible things”) explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.”  This podcast is produced and hosted by two veterans of another long time favorite radio show This American Life.  The first 10-15 minutes of episode one held some interest, but no great shakes.  But I kept listening as the hosts developed the topic of ‘Thought’ (broad topic) with a couple case studies that were absolutely engaging.  The hour long podcast ended and I wanted more.  I’ve listened to three more episodes, one titled Fearless (with an amazing case study) and another titled Our Computers, Ourselves (with an interview of the man who has had a version of Google Glass for fifteen years).  Take a listen…I think you’ll like it.

Click!  Here’s a website mentioned in an AJC article that really intrigued me.  The Hidden South is  “a photo journal, by Brent Walker, that documents conversations with the unseen.  It was started on September 10th, 2014”.  The website features photos and interviews of those living on the fringe of society, people we may see on the streets but quickly forget.  We see them for a few seconds but once out of sight so has our thought of them.  There’s a world of people who haven’t had the fortune of privilege, and this site documents their lives.  Take a look…you can’t help but be moved.

Click!  Another Day Another Time: Celebrating the Music of “Inside LLewyn Davis”.  This is a terrific recording from a “one-night-only concert held at New York City’s Town Hall in 2013 to celebrate the music of the Coen brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis, featuring live performances by icons and rising stars of folk and Americana.”  Even you haven’t seen Inside LLewyn Davis (not one of the Coen brothers most popular) don’t miss this soundtrack if roots/folk/Americana music is on your radar.  There are performances by established and up-and-coming artists;  Avett Bros., Joan Baez, Elvis Costello, Keb’ Mo’, Marcus Mumford (of the Mumford Bros.), Conor Oberst, Jack White, Gillian Welch…and one of my new favorite performers Rhiannon Giddens.  She has an incredibly strong voice that will shake you to your bones.

Click!  I’ve clicked a few photos over the last several years (after a long hiatus from photography) and decided that once retired I’d spend more time getting serious about this hobby.  Well, a series I shot last year got published in on-line South x Southeast PhotoMagazine.  One needs to pay a subscription fee to see the content (which I don’t expect anyone to do) but here’s a look at one of my published photos for their feature on Mother Nature….



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