Margaret’s Mini Movie Review: Cake – w/Jennifer Anniston. Cake ain’t sweet. Well, not in the sentimental way. Story of a woman who suffers from chronic/severe physical pain. Jen is terrific as the woman – you never think of Rachel and you totally believe this woman is suffering, deeply. It’s a small independent film and she has gotten excellent reviews. I concur with the professionals. It’s not a pretty or sweet film, but worth your time if you like character studies and good acting. Good rental. Grade = B+  Peter’s thoughts;  Although at times difficult to watch, Cake kept my interest as I tried to decide how the plot would unfold.  This is a movie where one wishes for a ray of hope, as we’ve been conditioned to do in ‘Hollywood’ movies, but this is not that sort of film.  Cake is about real life, just not the type of life anyone wishes on their worst enemy.  If you want pure entertainment this is not the movie for you.  If you like films that portray real life, excellent writing with actors who know what to do with it, see it.


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