Corbin’s Legacy

As some of you may know my 31 year old niece Corbin Leafman passed away early this year after a corbintwo year fight with breast cancer.  My brother, sister-in-law, nieces and their families have started Corbin’s Legacy, a charitable organization to continue Corbin’s passion for helping disadvantaged children such as many of those she taught as a kindergarten teacher.

Corbin was a compassionate teacher who selflessly helped those kids who came to school hungry or who could not afford school supplies.  With her own money she purchased meals and supplies for those who could not afford these items. My brother described Corbin best in his recent post on Facebook;   “In 1983, the year that Corbin was born, the movie “The Right Stuff” was released. It was the story of a remarkable group of men, the original Mercury Seven astronauts. These flyers represented the peak of intelligence, physical prowess, and technical skill. They captured America’s imagination in a way that has rarely been seen since. Their exploits energized the country and propelled us toward John F Kennedy’s goal of landing a man on the moon within the decade.
If someone had written the story of a group of teachers and humanitarians with The Right Stuff, Corbin would have had the starring role. Please help us to perpetuate her memory through the good works of Corbin’s Legacy so that no child in our great country ever goes without. Thanks again from our whole family”.

To find out more about Corbin’s Legacy go to the website and please consider a contribution.  If you know someone in need please let them know there is a place they can get help.


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