Ooh, That’s Scary!

Many years ago I had an employee at one of my frame shops, a kid in his early twenties and still a student.  I was probably in my early forties so the kid and I had some things in common but not a p_435_276_41054f5f-42f6-47cc-880a-6faafcaf0931whole lot.  I liked this guy; smart, ambitious, could carry on a conversation in an adult manner….must of come from a good home.  I mention this kid (I call him ‘kid’ because for the life of me I can’t remember his name) because he said something all those years ago that I’ve never forgotten.  Wasn’t sage advice from someone twenty years younger, just an observation that I carry to this day.

The kid and I were having a conversation about his future desires, and number one on his list was to through-hike the Appalachian Trail solo.  I’d heard of the AT but knew little about it.  He filled me in on the distance, time it would/should take to hike, what month to start the hike and what direction to travel.  I probably didn’t know that the trail started in Georgia, just a short hike from the top of Amicalola Falls, an hour and a half from where we stood talking. After this conversation I asked why he wanted to do it…..what was the motivation.  His answer was what has stayed with me all these years.  He said he wanted to do it because it scared him to do it, that anything life changing had to be scary otherwise it wouldn’t be life changing.  Pretty smart for a twenty-something. Read more


30 Hour Mini-Vacation

Where can you take a 30 hour vacation to help recharge your life? Simple;  the Len Foote Hike Inn at Amicalola Falls, that’s where!  What, you may ask, is the Hike Inn?  It’s a lodge way back in the woods of north Georgia accessible only by foot on a five mile hiking trail.  That’s right; no cars, trucks, snowmobiles, go carts, golf carts or pack mules….just your own two feet.

Sunrise from the lodge
Sunrise from the lodge

My wife Margaret thought a good mid-winter break from the city doldrums was due so we asked some hiking buddies if they’d like to spend the night at Len Foote.  We’d all been there in the past…in fact this same group (excluding me) went on the coldest day recorded last year.  It was quite the adventure considering the temperatures, attesting to the fact that the usually filled lodge had only two other visitors.  Regardless they loved it and most returned this year. Read more